Funding Guru- Stock Finance

Funding Guru- Stock Finance

What is your product? 

Motor Stocking Finance from £50k-£100k as a revolving facility

How does it work?

Funding Guru is a commercial finance provider in Leeds. Founded in 2014, Funding Guru is renowned for taking a creative approach to finance and providing the solutions that other funders often cannot see. No matter how tricky your proposition, if a business has realistic potential, we will provide you with the right funding solution. Whether you are looking for a short term, quick cash advance or long-term turnaround finance, our highly experienced team has the expertise to find the finance to make your venture thrive. Our own in house underwriting team provides a more personal process, with quicker decision and payments upon completion compared to other lenders

How would a business use your product?

For any business that has a fast turnaround of high-value stock, whether that is cars or specialist machinery, antiques or investment-grade wine – stock finance can keep levels replenished even when cash-flow is slow.

What are the approximate costs? 

Stock finance has a daily interest rate of 0.15%

How long does it typically take to secure funding?

On approval, we can pay out the funds as quickly as 24-48 hours for unsecured deals and within 1-2 weeks for secured deal and "start-up" funding 

What type of security or other requirements do you have?

- Trading time 12+ months

- Personal Guarantee from at least 1 x Director, who is a UK home-owner 

- Adverse business or personal credit considered

-1st ranking debenture (if available)


What supporting documents are needed?

- 6 months business bank statements / Last filed accounts / DOB and 3-years address history for each business director / A&L for directors personal finances 

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