Just Cash Flow - Business Accelerator Interest Only Loan

Just Cash Flow - Business Accelerator Interest Only Loan

What is your product?

Business Accelerator Interest Only Loan

How does it work?

A flexible facility which works like an overdraft which is available to Limited companies, LLP’s, Partnerships and Sole Traders. The first 3 months interest are rolled up.

How would a business use your product?

All Funds Must be drawn on day one. First 3 months rolled up and interest not compounded on roll up.  Funds can be paid back and re-drawn over the term so you only pay for what you use.

What are the approximate costs?

0.058% per day (1.75%) per month and 2% Facility Fee. No Early Repayment Fees. Interest calculated daily

How long does it typically take to secure funding?

A decision can be provided within a matter of hours and funds can be available within 5 to 10 days on average

What type of security or other requirements do you have?

The business must be trading for 3 months +. Personal Guarantee and Debenture required (if Debenture is available) Must be a UK Homeowner

What supporting documents are needed?

3 Months Business Bank statements, Latest accounts or management accounts and Photo I/D

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