YouLend Merchant Cash Advance

YouLend Merchant Cash Advance

Flexible and sustainable financing that is designed to help your business grow.

The YouLend Advance aligns naturally and seamlessly with your cashflow. You repay a small percentage of each card transaction until your Youlend Advance has been repaid. This gives you breathing room to navigate the seasonal ups and downs of running a business. When times are great you repay slightly more and if the business slows down, you simply repay a little less. 

What can I use the YouLend Advance for?

That is entirely up to you. Most of our clients use their advance to carry out refurbishments or renovations, add a new location or purchase more inventory in order to be able to meet increasing demand and also to invest in IT-systems or marketing and update online presence.

Our application and credit assessment process is 100% online and there is no need for a physical meeting.

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