A milestone passed | Bank Referral Scheme Post Implementation Review

Alternative Business Funding Chairman, Adam Tavener's thoughts on HM Treasury's Bank referral scheme Post Implementation Review.

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Considering taking the plunge and starting a business?

Has Coronavirus made you think about becoming a business owner? ABF Chairman, Adam Tavener takes a look at the things you should consider before taking the plunge.

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Countering currency volatility during the coronavirus

The acceleration of the coronavirus crisis in March led to some dramatic currency movements, with major currency pairs experiencing daily swings of several percent.

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Preserving our enterprise heritage. Now is the time to be bold.

One thing that is certain, in a currently very uncertain world, is that right now small businesses are taking a hammering.

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Now is the time for the bank referral scheme to show its worth

We get it. Banks can’t lend to every business. But don’t let a decline be a death sentence.

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How to launch a new product to market

A small business checklist for product launch success

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Preparing your small business for sale or investment - ABF

Interview with M & A expert Louise Jeffreys - MD of Gunner & Co.

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8 Time Management Tools for your Small Business - ABF

The top time management tools to improve the productivity of your SME

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A guide to your first business website - ABF

A step-by-step guide to build and design your first business website

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When should a business seek funding or finance

What funding does your business require? Are you ready to receive it? Should you go for a grant or business finance? Find all the answers right here!

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Beginners digital marketing for the business owner - ABF

A beginners guide to digital marketing strategy for the small business owner. Read on for an introduction to all things digital marketing from ABF

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Building a social media plan for your small business

Social media strategy for your small business can be a minefield! Let ABF get you started with an easy to follow plan for social media success!

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