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Now is the time for the bank referral scheme to show its worth

We get it. Banks can’t lend to every business. But don’t let a decline be a death sentence.

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How to launch a new product to market

A small business checklist for product launch success

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Preparing your small business for sale or investment - ABF

Interview with M & A expert Louise Jeffreys - MD of Gunner & Co.

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8 Time Management Tools for your Small Business - ABF

The top time management tools to improve the productivity of your SME

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A guide to your first business website - ABF

A step-by-step guide to build and design your first business website

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When should a business seek funding or finance

What funding does your business require? Are you ready to receive it? Should you go for a grant or business finance? Find all the answers right here!

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Beginners digital marketing for the business owner - ABF

A beginners guide to digital marketing strategy for the small business owner. Read on for an introduction to all things digital marketing from ABF

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Building a social media plan for your small business

Social media strategy for your small business can be a minefield! Let ABF get you started with an easy to follow plan for social media success!

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How to generate new business for your SME - An ABF guide

Generating new business can sometimes feel like a struggle. ABF will get you started on the right track with this helpful guide.

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Preparing your business for the festive break - An ABF business guide to Xmas

Depending on your industry Christmas can be either welcomed or dreaded! No matter what industry you're in it pays to plan ahead and get through the season ready to hit the ground running in the new year!

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Choosing a Customer relationship Management System (CRM) for your business:

Choosing a CRM for your business can be an upward struggle! Which one suits you best, what are the features I need and how much should I pay are just a few of the questions you should be asking...

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Accountancy software - How to chose the right software for your business

Accountancy software - How to chose the right software for your business

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