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When should a business seek funding or finance

What funding does your business require? Are you ready to receive it? Should you go for a grant or business finance? Find all the answers right here!

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Beginners digital marketing for the business owner - ABF

A beginners guide to digital marketing strategy for the small business owner. Read on for an introduction to all things digital marketing from ABF

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Building a social media plan for your small business

Social media strategy for your small business can be a minefield! Let ABF get you started with an easy to follow plan for social media success!

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How to generate new business for your SME - An ABF guide

Generating new business can sometimes feel like a struggle. ABF will get you started on the right track with this helpful guide.

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Preparing your business for the festive break - An ABF business guide to Xmas

Depending on your industry Christmas can be either welcomed or dreaded! No matter what industry you're in it pays to plan ahead and get through the season ready to hit the ground running in the new year!

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Choosing a Customer relationship Management System (CRM) for your business:

Choosing a CRM for your business can be an upward struggle! Which one suits you best, what are the features I need and how much should I pay are just a few of the questions you should be asking...

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Accountancy software - How to chose the right software for your business

Accountancy software - How to chose the right software for your business

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Start-up business planning – Read this before you start

Launching a start-up can be tough! Luckily with the right support and tools there's no reason that start-ups shouldn't make it past the crucial third year of trading. ABF and MySquareOne have teamed up to offer our advice in how to succeed!

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Designated Finance Platform

We are proud to be one of only three designated online finance platforms which big banks are obliged to offer you as a referral if you've been rejected by them for finance.

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Overcoming the 3 biggest challenges to starting a business

Leaving the security of steady employment and striking out on your own can be a daunting prospect. Starting a business from scratch is a challenge, particularly in the current climate of impending recessions, economic turmoil and divisive politics.

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British businesses can no longer rely on their bank for an overdraft

Whether you run a seasonal business that makes most of its sales at one point during the year, or have clients notorious for missing their payment deadlines, a healthy cash flow in your business can often be the difference between make or break.

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What your business needs to know about Making Tax Digital for VAT

The world of business taxes can be a confusing one, it's easy to make mistakes. In 2016-17 alone there was reportedly a £33bn “tax gap” due to such errors, and it's this tax gap that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is hoping MTD will help alleviate in the coming years.

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