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The crucial need for alternative business funding options

LDF are delighted to join the Alternative Business Funding platform, helping to support SME businesses with our tailored financial solutions.

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A milestone reached on the ABF portal

The addition of 18 new funders to the ABF collaboration takes us to a total of 51 participants.

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SMEs must invest - and borrowing is best

Following the credit crunch, debt has become a bit of dirty word and many UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are now classed as permanent non-borrowers.

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Providing a clear view of the future for growing business finance

Our mission at MarketInvoice is to make the world of finance more efficient and transparent for small and growing businesses. Short-term finance in the UK is dominated by dinosaurs. The banks are slow beasts, who make decisions with seemingly very little justification.

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Overdrafts: the credit product every growing business needs, but can’t have – until now

The latest quarterly statistical release from the BBA spells out more bad news for SMEs hoping to open an overdraft with their bank – the number of approved facilities continues to fall. Growth Street is aiming to reverse that trend, by providing growing, profitable businesses with an overdraft alternative

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Why lending diversity and quick access to credit is critical for the future

We tend to think that the UK has one of the most stable financial systems in the world post-credit crisis, but a recent report from the New Economics Foundation on the UK’s financial stability ranked our financial system as the least resilient of the G7 countries, trailing behind Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the US and Canada.

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Innovative funding model proving saviour to high street businesses

Many have said we're a nation of shopkeepers and it has unfortunately been these high street businesses - shops, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, hairdressers, cafes, bars, garages and the like - that have been particularly hard hit by the dearth in bank lending over the last couple of years.

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Boost Capital Is growing with the alternative finance industry and its customers

Since Boost Capital launched in the UK three years ago, awareness of alternative finance has rocketed, as more small business owners realise the range of funding options available outside the mainstream.

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Facing the alternative

Adam Tavener talks to trfnews about how the UK's Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 is set to impact on the country's alternative and receivables finance market, and about where the industry is headed over the next few years

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The SME lending market is becoming a crowded space

This week we heard from the Treasury again. Their message was to the point. The pre-election 'purdah' was over, and not only were they getting back to the business of delivering the bank referrals part of the Small Business Act, they were seriously getting a move on with some pretty tight timescales for us all to stick to with respect to shaping the detail of the regulations.

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Four reasons to borrow with FundingKnight: fair, modern, responsive, egalitarian FundingKnight is an established member of a nascent Alternative Finance industry that is bursting with energy, innovation and growing up fast.

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Archover: The world’s first Secured and Insured crowdlending platform

In July 2014, a Professor of Finance and a group of entrepreneurs who have run start-ups, AIM listed firms and digital businesses founded ArchOver, a crowdlending company. ArchOver is a subsidiary of the Lloyd’s names agency, Hampden Group.

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