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Advice re: Payment Terms

Having both an accurate cash flow forecast and financial records that are kept up to date by a bookkeeper can greatly help to protect a business from finding itself running out of immediate funds.

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The pitfalls of payroll

Payroll is becoming an increasingly complex process. Unless your business has no choice as regards whether or not it should manage its payroll ‘in-house’, consideration should be given and a decision made as regards potentially outsourcing this important function.

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Why business owners need to prepare for cheque system shake-up

October 2017 will see one of the biggest shake ups to the English banking system in years, as the laborious cheque clearing system is forced to acknowledge 21st century technology.

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Essential skills to successfully start and run a business

Running a business is pretty different to most other career paths that you could embark upon. It requires you to have a broad range of skills across a number of different areas.

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7 signs your business is failing and how to address them

Starting a new business has never been more popular. Yet 40% of UK SMEs fail before they are five years old. The failure of these businesses is very rarely a sudden occurrence.

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The fast, low cost way to expand your business

If you are seeking funding for your business, the chances are that you are looking to expand it. But have you considered franchising your business?

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10 top tips to improve the finances of your business

With these in place, you will know what your financial expectations are for the current or first/coming year

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5 reasons why it pays to get your tax returns in early

With the deadline for your self-assessment returns many months away, it is easy to push that job to the back of your mind. But dealing with it now means you can get it out of the way.

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Is your business financially prepared for the summer holidays?

The summer holiday season is upon us. For SMEs dependent on tourism, the next two months will be the busiest of the year and it is crucial that they make the most of it. In contrast, most businesses will experience slowdowns due to fewer orders and lower sales volumes.

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Where smart SMEs go to grow

SME2017 the business event for the Midlands offers a new and exciting platform to help thousands of small and medium business owners develop their strategy for growth.

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How iwoca’s credit line for SMEs can help your business grow

It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling to get finance from a bank. According to the C2FO Working Capital Outlook Survey in 2016, 54% of SMEs say cash flow is their biggest obstacle to business growth. iwoca is aiming to fix that.

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What is stopping you taking advantage of opportunities for growth?

One of the perks of owning a small business is that you can quickly adapt to new situations and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Rather than pushing through the red tape involved in corporate decisions, you can implement new products and processes immediately.

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