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Funding from an ethical bank for your ethical business

With the UK reportedly spending over £83bn on ethical goods annually, there is increased demand from customers for products and services that help people and planet.

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How can your business protect itself from Brexit?

In the two years since the UK voted to leave the EU, Brexit uncertainty has rippled through currency markets, rocking confidence in the Pound and causing major headaches for businesses.

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Find out more about trademarks

What exactly is a trademark? What is their fundamental purpose and how do we tell trademarks apart from other types of intellectual property (IP)? Read on for more . . .

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GDPR compliance tips for small businesses

In the next few weeks, businesses will be preparing for Cyber Week (otherwise known as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’). How can your business make the most of Cyber Week?

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Offering remote working could transform your business

Studies show that companies who offer remote working have more satisfied, loyal and productive employees. Considering the kind of flexibility that offers for employees, it’s not hard to see why.

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5 tips for reviewing your client contracts and agreements

Contracts are one of the key elements of any successful business whether for clients or on the supplier-side. Here we take a look at client-side contracts and how businesses can review them.

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The EU is still looking to change copyright law

As we’ve recently experienced with data protection and GDPR, legislators aren’t immune to revisiting outdated laws in an effort to bring them in line with the modern digital age.

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The dos and don’ts of employing temporary staff for your small business

Your fast-growing business is crying out for staff to keep that expansion on track. Temporary staff are an option to boost your productivity without placing a huge burden of cost and complexity.

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A guide to gender pay gap reporting

The rollout of gender pay gap legislation requires organisations with over 250 employees to disclose their pay gap data every year. Smaller companies need to be aware of inequality and how to tackle it.

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How to show the best of your small business to finance providers

Showcasing a business to potential lenders or investors is a skill in itself and getting it right has the potential for huge benefits to an entrepreneur looking to build a business.

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Invoice recovery options for small businesses

Most SMEs depend on an influx of cash to pay staff members, essential bills and generally keep the lights on. If a client fails to pay an invoice, you may face financial difficulties.

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pension contributions for employers and employees

More than one million employers have now automatically enrolled staff into a qualifying workplace pension, the latest figures reveal. More on your statutory pension duties here.

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