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Why we need to act now to help SMEs find the finance they need

It is well documented that traditional banks aren't willing or able to provide enough finance for SMEs as the aftershocks of the financial crisis still work their way through the system

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The trade finance option for your business to tap into

Banks take note– there are many other ways for businesses to get funding today; the trick for businesses is often just working out where to go and what to ask for!

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Redefining Equity Crowdfunding

The UK alternative finance market is the largest in Europe, with a rapidly growing value of £1.78bn; equity-based crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing sectors within this market, with a growth of 600% between 2012 and 2013. The sector had a market value of £78 million in 2014, at an average growth rate of 420%.

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Keeping you in the Alternative Business Funding picture

Welcome to the first Alternative Business Funding e-zine, which will now be a regular communications, news and resource point for funders who are part of the ABF collaboration.

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Driving forward the growth of alternative finance with Fundsurfer

We all love great ideas but securing the funding for a grand plan can be very difficult, especially in the current economic climate.

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An insight into UK Bond Network and its position within the alternative funding arena

UK Bond Network is a peer-to-peer platform which uses its syndicate of experienced investors to provide fast and flexible finance to UK SMEs. The finance is structured as corporate bonds, issued to the investors by the borrowing business.

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The prognosis for proliferating platforms

Two weeks ago the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act of Parliament.

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How can surety bonds benefit a small businesses? | ABF

Surety bonds & related products are of increasing importance to organisations needing to provide performance guarantees. They strengthen your client relationships and provide peace of mind for your clients...

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A flexible approach from Working Capital Partners Ltd

Working Capital Partners Ltd provides a range of flexible working capital finance solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, from selective single invoice discounting through to the financing of a company's total ledger, including international purchases.

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Alternative Business Funding - Turbocharged Evolution

It almost feels like yesterday's news to be writing a piece on the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) environment, so much having been written on the subject over the last twelve months or so.

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The tectonic plates of small business funding are shifting - and that's not a bad thing

Undoubtedly, the funding of the SME sector is at best widely misunderstood, misrepresented and yet hugely vital to the UK's economic growth, reinvigoration, local employment and, most of all, community survival. If you fail to support this foundation of society then the state has to take over - and it can't afford to.

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Crowdfunding or P2P lending - which is best for my business? | ABF

Crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending? This is the question many business owners are asking as banks remain ineffective at lending and alternative forms of business finance become increasingly mainstream. So the ultimate question then is, which method of finance would work best for you and your business?

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