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Alternative Business Funding - Turbocharged Evolution

It almost feels like yesterday's news to be writing a piece on the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) environment, so much having been written on the subject over the last twelve months or so.

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The tectonic plates of small business funding are shifting - and that's not a bad thing

Undoubtedly, the funding of the SME sector is at best widely misunderstood, misrepresented and yet hugely vital to the UK's economic growth, reinvigoration, local employment and, most of all, community survival. If you fail to support this foundation of society then the state has to take over - and it can't afford to.

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Crowdfunding or P2P lending - which is best for my business? | ABF

Crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending? This is the question many business owners are asking as banks remain ineffective at lending and alternative forms of business finance become increasingly mainstream. So the ultimate question then is, which method of finance would work best for you and your business?

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Gold medal effort

Transparency, choice and collaboration are three important themes that will become increasingly significant as the SME finance market changes, with the triple effects of attitudinal shifts, government intervention and technology advances.

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Pitch perfect: How to inspire equity crowdfunding investors

Equity crowdfunding can give digital businesses an attractively practical, simple and direct way of securing the capital they need to start up or grow.

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