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How assessing legal needs can save your business money

I’m sure you’ll agree that all business owners are keen to reduce unnecessary costs wherever possible which makes the results of a recent You Gov survey all the more startling.

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Cyber attacks on SMEs: Be prepared for the worst

For SMEs, it is not a matter of if but when they will be victim of a cyber attack. And it’s more than just viruses small businesses have to worry about.

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Launch your business with support from the Forum

Starting a new business requires careful planning, research and preparation to avoid failure and, at the Forum of Private Business, we know how important it is to support and advise a business, especially in its fledgling years.

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Five factors influencing sterling's volatility this Spring

The pound has been on a rollercoaster ride since the EU referendum nearly a year ago but continued uncertainty means it's value will fluctuate for some time to come.

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Could better legal cover save your business money?

At the start of 2016 the Department for Business Innovation and Skills reported that 99.9% of all private sector businesses were small or medium-sized (SMEs) and that these businesses provide employment to 15.7 million people.

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13 pre-Brexit contract issues every business needs to consider

We consider the legal implications for businesses that have signed legal agreements prior to Brexit taking place. On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU and as we have seen Theresa May has confirmed that the UK will be moving forward with Brexit.

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SME finance . . . the invisible tidal wave

There is a generally accepted belief that it remains difficult for SMEs to secure finance. Rubbish.

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Give all investors the same level of protection

All retail financial services should be subject to the same investor protection and regulation.

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Sticking to a diet of healthy alternative finance

In a world where 55% of website visitors spend just 15 seconds on a website (source: Hubspot) we are always interested to see just how long SME business users spend on ABF.

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Outsauce… taking on the challenges facing recruiters

In 2001, a group of former recruiters with leading industry knowledge of legislation, financing and accountancy came together to form Outsauce.

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Firing the first shots on “intended designation”

Yesterday’s Budget contained an important nugget, albeit not a headline-grabbing one. The Treasury has published the names of the first platforms that have reached ‘intended designation’ status.

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We’re in the business of funding when no one else will

Fredericks Foundation is a business charity whose aim is to offer affordable and ethical finance and mentoring support to people and organisations denied funding by mainstream banks.

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