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How would a Brexit ‘no deal’ affect your business?

As David Davis (UK Brexit Secretary) and Michel Barnier (Chief EU negotiator) close in on 7 months of Brexit negotiations, it’s worth looking at how far they have come and whether a deal that is beneficial for both parties is a distinct possibility.

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UKBAA National Investment Summit 2017

Join leading players from investment and industry to look at the challenges and opportunities for building an effective supply of capital from start-up through to long term growth for UK's innovating businesses.

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The Equality Act 2010: Protected characteristics and types of discrimination

The Equality Act, which came into force on 1 October 2010, replaced previous anti-discrimination legislation such as the Race Relations Act of 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.

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Left Media

Meet Mitchel White, an ambitious 24-year-old entrepreneur with a media business based in Manchester. After starting out as a freelance designer, Mitchel founded digital marketing company Left Media in 2013.

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One more silver dollar

In the creative industries, like all business sectors, lack of funds can transform SMEs from super stardom to basket case almost overnight.

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Increase your financing options, reduce the cost of borrowing – and stay legally sound

What do you need to know about providing a Personal Guarantee (PG) when taking out a loan? Here is your chance to discover how giving a Personal Guarantee could cut the cost of your business finance and give you increased opportunity to shop around.

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The average SME owed £16k in late payments

The impact of late payments on UK SMEs has been brought into stark focus after it was revealed 65 per cent were forced to shut down.

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How to bootstrap your Start-Up Business

When you’re starting a business, it doesn’t matter what sector you’re in; the chances are that you’re going to have to spend a bit of money to get things up and running.

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ABF - A designated funding platform of the UK treasury

Around the middle of May this year (2017) officials from HM Treasury contacted me and asked for a quick chat. This was to be the final confirmation of a successful outcome to a Clifton project that dates all the way back to a Downing Street conference in 2013.

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Advice re: Payment Terms

Having both an accurate cash flow forecast and financial records that are kept up to date by a bookkeeper can greatly help to protect a business from finding itself running out of immediate funds.

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The pitfalls of payroll

Payroll is becoming an increasingly complex process. Unless your business has no choice as regards whether or not it should manage its payroll ‘in-house’, consideration should be given and a decision made as regards potentially outsourcing this important function.

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Why business owners need to prepare for cheque system shake-up

October 2017 will see one of the biggest shake ups to the English banking system in years, as the laborious cheque clearing system is forced to acknowledge 21st century technology.

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